Thursday, February 23, 2012

just need that crunchy goodness

I've had this annoying and embarassing, yet trivial, condition for a while. I have scalp psoriasis. To average observer, it just seems like I have crazy disgusting dandruff. I've had it for 12 years now (with many diagnoses, but this one is most recent and consistent) and it's just become a way of life. The psychological effects and impact on quality of life are a whole different post about self-image and health problems in general. Anyway, after using prescribed and OTC creams, shampoos, topical liquids, and oils...still looking for something I can use and not feel paranoid about. My last dermatologist's philosophy was that if it works, keep using it. Even if it says on the label that you shouldn't use it continuously for more than a month. I dunno. I was not okay with it. Also one of the causes of a psoriasis flare-up is cessation of steroidal treatment. It's a lose-lose situation.

Anyway. Going on a natural product spree! Based on suggestions from friends and the internet:

SLS free shampoo - I'm trying out J.R. Liggetts shampoo bars. I got the Jojoba and Peppermint one. All natural and only contains oils and lye (sodium hydroxide).

Tea tree oil - for my skin maladies. Apparently tea tree oil is a wonder remedy for everything. Mostly trying it for my psoriasis, but I've got other skin stuff I mostly ignore treating to try it on.

Jojoba oil - as a moisturizer and a diluent for the tea tree oil when I rub it on my scalp. I've been using olive oil or petroleum jelly if anything for a long while now, so switching to another oil isn't too hard.

Other non-lotion moisturizer - Badger Balm! Adorable name, adorable tin, and works better on my cracked skin than anything else I've tried!