Wednesday, May 21, 2008


With primary season finally coming to a close, and a democratic nomination finally on the horizon, a question comes to mind. All I keep hearing is how Clinton has a majority of blue collar workers, and Obama owns the "college-educated" vote. Sometimes I wonder if this correlation has been overemphasized.

If you were an undecided voter, and you kept hearing about the "educated" voters choosing Obama over Clinton, what preconception would you hold? Maybe you'd want to join this league of elite and intelligent people, who must know something great about Obama that you don't. At the very least, if you "choose" Obama then you must have more in common with these college educated voters and be smart yourself.

I'm sure this has no actual bearing on the outcomes of the elections, but I feel that the intelligent college educated bandwagon crowd is probably bigger than whatever the opposite would be -- perhaps some sort of...proud to be a child of or be one of the blue collar working class group of people? It's possible.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

it's nice when looks are not deceiving

I'm surprised when I find out that people have not heard about the story of Josef Fritzl, the man from Austria who locked his daughter and secret children he had with his daughter in the basement for...was it 24 years?

A collection of CNN articles about this man and the discovery of his "House of Horrors" here.

When I IMed my friend about it, he had forgotten what we were talking about and thought that the picture of the guy was a picture of a guy I had dated (the previous topic of discussion). At which point we discussed the picture. Is the story (and reading about it) creepier because you have to see this sleazy-looking man's face everytime you read it and it all seems dirtier?...or is it better than he looks sketchy because if he had actually looked like a normal man you might get freaked out that anyone might be a crazy incestual rapist with the ability to cover his tracks for decades?

I think my friend was right with the latter opinion. But I still don't like Fritzl's picture. Can't they replace it with something that just says "WTF???" or "disturbed man." Yeah. I'd like only the alt-text please.