Wednesday, December 26, 2012

woven memories

My yarn-y thingz!!! I feel so organized!

After getting this Plano box for a, well, rock/crystal collection (hmm, why do I feel so ashamed about that) I realized that it could fit my knitting needles and other knitting/crochet-ing knickknacks! Well, anything 13" or shorter anyway. In order to find all of my things though...I had to go through my milk crate-o-yarn. ('s a thing.)

I don't know where I am on the knitter spectrum as far as unfinished projects go, but I know I'm not unique in having a bunch of unfinished things, holding some of my needles hostage. Took me forever to invest in some stitch holders. Since I don't know if they'll ever get worked on again and gifted or otherwise used, I decided to bring this blog out of retirement and tell the stories of these unfinished furballs.