Thursday, January 29, 2009


So apparently this PETA ad got rejected for airtime during the Superbowl.

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

The comments on the page are interesting since they go both ways...

And although I agree that equally as inappropriate commercials air, this one actually serves no purpose. Graphic horror movie ads? They're marketing a movie. The dumb beer commercials? I mean no one really takes them seriously, and they're for a laugh. This commercial? It's a cheap shot! It's in the category of dumb beer ad, but they're trying to be taken seriously? Who's gonna be persuaded by that?

That's not to say I don't think it's an awesome commercial. I just think it was a dumb move since people already stereotype PETA supporters...

(originally shared on Jason's google!)

Friday, January 16, 2009

bowling hero

You know how Guitar Hero and Rock Band do not prepare you at all for the real thing? Drums, maybe. Vocals, sure. But the guitar plays more like a recorder that comes with a Disney songbook than a guitar.

Well, it's not like I even play Wii bowling. But I definitely forgot how hard real bowling was. I took bowling gym class once upon a time because my high school shared a gymnasium with an elementary school and so we took "cool gym classes" because we um "had no resources to accommodate the needs of a high school." So I took folk square ballroom gym class in a room the size of a normal classroom, rock climbing at this place at the bottom of a hill on the west side which took half the classtime to commute to, the same with the swim gym class, and BOWLING GYM CLASS AT PORT AUTHORITY (Times Sq). It was fun; not gonna lie. And shoe rental came with the class so if we wanted to pay for an extra game after class it was pretty cheap. But it's not exactly the average P.E. requirement.

Anyway, as much as I remember my 4-step approach, how to give courtesy to those in lanes adjacent if they're set up before you, and how to not get your fingers crushed by balls coming up through the return, Wii bowling has spoiled me in terms of how well I think I can do after some drinking. I'm just saying. =P Plus you don't have to factor in the chipped finger holes.

End stream of consciousness. Hasta la vista.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

daily morning struggle-puzzle

So upon arriving at work, I usually have to find a way to deal with 3 problems:

  • hunger
  • being cold
  • being sleepy

Hunger is usually dealt with by either buying a sandwich, eating a granola bar, or having a bowl of cereal.
Being cold can be dealt with by having a cup of coffee or tea, or taking out my fleece throw.
Sleepiness can be dealt with caffeine.

But what order to do these in?

Today I am doing the doubly productive thing with a cup of tea, but now I'm really hungry. But on deck for breakfast today is a bowl of cereal, and I don't wanna get colder! STRUGGLE!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I wish I were cool enough to manage this

I've posted it everywhere. And I can't stop listening to and watching it.
Wind Waker Theme Unplugged

imma balla

I played in the first game of the season today in the league I joined. I'll be sure to post if I actually score any points. I was a bit timid this time around and only made 2 attempts. Both were better than bad attempts. =P

Also joined Netflix.
I had blockbuster by mail for over a year...and blockbuster total access for some of it. It was nice...not gonna lie. With Blockbuster, you can return to a brick and mortar store, and then you instantly get a free rental. And a coupon per month for a video OR game rental. But somehow I just got incredibly lazy over time. And by "somehow" I mean, duh. But that's why I got rid of that feature and only paid $5/mo and still barely had a queue with high turnover. But now I'm doing the $9/mo plan from Netflix so I can have unlimited streaming of whatever movies and whatever TV shows they offer. Somehow that is worth it to me, even if I still don't actually watch the movies I request. Yay...
My opinion: If you're not lazy and have a car, Blockbuster Total Access trumps Netflix in that you have a wider selection of free/bonus/extras from just the DVDs by mail. But Netflix is better for your average slug like me. :-)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My blog is just a youtube video blog!
Things I've seen today:

How to use your coin washer for free. I wouldn't actually try this, since I have all of 7 slots to deal with, and it'd take me so long that I'm sure I'd get caught...

How to get your washing machine to tweet (on twitter) when it's done. Wayyyyyyy too complicated but good for people who can handle that. To think I used to build power sources in lab.

Friday, January 2, 2009

the wonders of Vince Offer

After a few discussions with people, it has come to my attention that Vince, "the ShamWOW guy" is not yet a household name. It is here for some reason, and maybe on the East coast in general, but maybe not.

But you must see his commercials. You must understand. I want a ShamWOW and a SlapChop for no good reason. (Though to be honest I'm sold pretty easily with As Seen on TV things...)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

easier or harder than normal juggling?

Quite intrigued with this video. As does happen when it's one of the first things you see when you wake up. This is like a halftime show for Deadball.