Sunday, January 6, 2013

two for three

Why is it that the first thing that a guy I'm dating says when he finds out I knit is "why don't you knit me a sweater?". They're almost always joking, but don't they know about the Sweater Curse?! (Which I was actually totally surprised to see a wikipedia entry for.) And that a sweater takes a lot of yarn and good yarn costs a lot! Also that knitting can take a long time and I am impatient (usually if I don't finish a project in 2 weeks it's all over) and to me it sounds like "woman, cook me 5 course meals for a month" or "build me a motorcycle", or I don't know. Just things that to me sound impossible. for more than one day a week and building a vehicle sound equally as annoyingly difficult to me. Whatever.

But scarves...scarves are easy and take a week of knitting on the train or while watching TV. Though I feel like I must have knitted more (but maybe I'm just thinking of ones for family) I know I've made scarves for 2 boyfriends. This one is not one of those scarves. Note that it is not finished. And to be honest, I don't remember what gave out first: my motivation to even finish the scarf and gift the guy anything, or the shaky relationship we had to begin with.

So long, black 'n yellow (guess where he was from!) box stitch scarf. I've since moved onto better, wool blends.
(And the one before this unfinished one was made out of acrylic yarn 'cuz I was cheap/poor and I didn't know better. Poor guy. But I remember it was the first time I cabled!)

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